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Considering an Upgrade? Perhaps this will convince you.


“We have been using your product back since 1.0 came out. We are looking into the possibility of an upgrade but were wondering if you had any documentation that would show enhancements that were added after 1.0 came out so we could get a feel of what the differences were? What would be the possibility of getting a copy of the latest version for us to test drive to see if we want to consider the possibility of upgrading?


That’s a great question! The number of enhancements to UTS eXpress Plus since the Version 1 days are almost too numerous to mention, but I will make an attempt to outline at least the newest features.

Version 1 was a 16-bit Windows edition and, as such, was limited by the scope of that operating environment. With the many improvements in Windows technology, UTS eXpress Plus has evolved into the most robust emulator available to date. The current version (Version 4) was developed in the Windows XP environment and takes full advantage of that 32-bit platform. Version 4's major enhancement allows the user to tailor each screen to a particular environment (BIS, DPS transaction, etc.). For example, each screen can have its own keyboard configuration, script menu, appearance and customized toolbar. The following is a list of major enhancements since Version 1:

  • Customization of both application and screen appearance;
  • Color configurations now conform to standard Windows colors;
  • Input Recall list now retained between sessions;
  • More drag-and-drop capabilities in the visual configuration;
  • Multiple screen captures to print and/or file;
  • Screen "Send to" option allowing screens to be e-mailed as text or bitmap attachments;
  • Supports user-developed Local Printer Objects;
  • Built-in script recorder to record frequently used, user tasks;
  • Keys can be mapped to either terminal functions, like "Transmit", or to execute predefined scripts;
  • Each screen can have an automatic sign-on script assigned which is executed when the screen is initially opened;
  • Most configuration settings are now independent of registry settings in accordance with new Windows standards;
  • And higher security measures include single point sign on.

For a more extensive list of all UTS eXpress Plus features, please see the UTS eXpress Plus page. You may also download an evaluation version of the software from that same page.



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