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How do I distribute a common configuration?


"I'm trying to put together a simple distribution set-up so that we can begin deploying T27 eXpress IT to our roughly 200 users.... Most of our users program a number of function keys to pull up various user screens. Most everyone uses a few of [the] function keys for the same commands site-wide. What we wanted to do was to build a MACROS.CFG file that had about 90 or so pre-defined macros already in it, but most of them unassigned. Our thinking was that we could install the T27 eXpress IT then copy the MACROS.CFG file to the scripts directory.

Then we could bring up the Macro Manager and simply choose the macros we wanted, then assign them to a key or key sequence....

"I hope you understand what it is I'm trying to do and can shed some light on the situation. We REALLY don't want to have to sit at each workstation where we install the product and create all of these macros for each installation....

"Is what we're trying to do possible and if so, are we approaching it incorrectly?"


No, your approach is perfect.

Under eXpress, Version 4, distributing configurations is not only possible but easy. To conform to the Windows XP standard, all configuration settings are now stored in files rather than in the Windows Registry as you discovered.

Once you have configured all the macros that you want, simply distribute C:\Documents and Settings\ <YOURUSERNAME>\Application Data\KMSystems\ T27_EXPRESS_IT_4.0\CONFIGURATION\Scripts\MACRO.CFG via a shared file server, or by other means, to each user. The file should be placed in a similar folder on the user's system.

Editor's Note: Most configuration files for the emulator are found in the CONFIGURATION folder of the product; however, configuration settings for the host connections are found in C:\Documents and Settings\<YOURUSERNAME>\ Application Data\KMSystems\QPortT27_4.0\ CONFIGURATION\QPORT.CFG.




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