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Using QPlex in Older Browsers


When my users try to access the QPlex client .asp, all that some of them see is a message that reads, "I am sorry but the QPlex Client requires version 3.01 of Internet Explorer or greater." Can you please help?

Support Note: This same situation can occur for the web implementation of eQuate, T27 eXpress Net or UTS eXpress Net.


There is a file on the Web server describing the Web browser to the server. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, that file may not be up-to-date resulting in an error stating that you must use Internet Explorer. The file is BROWSCAP.INI. It is hiding in %systemroot%\inetsrv (or sometimes %systremroot%\inetsrv\asp). The Microsoft Global Product Support Site has the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q311227, HOW TO: Add Internet Explorer 6 Information to the Browscap.ini File. Please use this link to obtain these instructions.



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