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"Adding UTS Key Functions" or Create a Script and Assign an Action Key

for UTS
for T27

Question: I would like to ask about the UTS key functions in the UTS eXpress program. I need to add a new UTS key function, but I do not know what to do. Can I add the key function myself, or do you have to add the key for me? The keys that I want are, such as, cursor to end display, / character, etc.

Answer: Many keys are already configured, but you can change them to whatever you want.

To view all the keys as they are configured by default, select Show Keyboard Help Window from the View menu on any opened screen.

Editors note: This answer has been modified from its original form to reflect the procedures used with eXpress, Version 4.

To configure any of those keys differently, click the Configure UTS eXpress Plus button on the UTS eXpress Plus Control Panel. Since a keyboard's configuration may now be assigned to a particular screen, select the screen tab for which you wish to have a custom keyboard. On the Appearance and Keyboard tab (Other Settings tab in eXpress IT), click the Custom Keyboards button and configure any of the existing UTS function keys, as you would like them. Notice that you can name your keyboard configuration by using the New Keyboard function and then select that keyboard on the Appearance and Keyboard tab.

If you have requirements that are not a standard UTS function key, such as, cursor to end of display, you can record a script and assign an action key to the script that will cause that script to be executed. For example:

1. From any opened screen window, select Start Script Recorder from the Script menu.

2. Type Cursor-to-Home (Home key) followed by Backspace key.

3. From the screen window, select End Script Recorder from the Script menu.

4. Enter a file name when prompted (example: Cursor to EOD). Your recorded script will look like this:

' *** Script recorded by UTS eXpress Plus Script Recorder

Sub Main()



' *** End of recorded script

End Sub

5. Next, click the Configure button on the UTS eXpress Plus Control Panel.

6. Select your screen and on the Script and Actions tab, click the Script Manager button.

7. Select your keyboard from the Keyboard Name list and click the Custom Keyboards button.

8. Select the script near the bottom of the Key Actions list (Cursor to EOD).

9. On the virtual keyboard, click the key or key combination (Ctrl+End) that will be used to activate the script.

10. Click the Set Key Assignment button.

11. The next time you type that key sequence (Ctrl+End) from the screen window, that script will be executed.

Note: For eXpress IT users, the above procedure is similar but you work with Macros, not Scripts.




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