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Map a Series of Keystrokes to a Single Key in T27 eXpress


Did you know that you can map a series of keystrokes to a single key in T27 eXpress? Well, you can. And, it couldn't be easier. With all the eXpress Plus products, T27 and UTS eXpress Plus, eXpress Net and eXpress Pro, you simply record a script and assign a key to it. Here are the easy steps:

  1. From any open screen/environment, select Start Script Recorder from the Scripts menu.
  2. Type in the keystrokes that you want to assign to a key.
  3. Select End Script Recorder from the Scripts menu.
  4. Assign a file name when the Save As window appears.
  5. Click the Script Manager button on the eXpress Plus Control Panel.
  6. Click the Action Key button to begin the assignment process.
  7. Select the script that you just saved from the Available Scripts list box.
  8. On the Script Action Key Assignments window, there are two ways you can assign an action key:
    • use the mouse to click the key or key combination (key+Shift/Ctrl/Alt) on the virtual keyboard, then click the Set Key Assignment button; or
    • click the Type a Key sequence button and type the key/key combination that you want.

That's all there is to it. Now, the next time you type the assigned key, the script will be executed.



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