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The differences between Power, Limited and Restricted Users in UTS eXpress Net


Part of the flexibility of UTS eXpress Net 4's configuration allows an administrator to designate users in one of three categories: power, limited and restricted.

Restricted users can not change ANY of their settings. They get only what the administrator assigned to them for host connections, appearance, scripts, terminal screen settings, etc. This also includes 'Auto Open Session'.

Limited users have the ability to change everything with the exception of the Host Connections and Routes Assignments. Only the administrator can assign and configure the connections and routes. The user can then change their own colors, fonts, scripts and even the 'Auto Open Session'. However, because they have this ability to manage their own configuration, the administrator ONLY has control over their connection information. If the administrator sets an option, such as the 'Auto Open Session' for a limited user, it will not show for that user since they manage their own configuration. Only restricted users would show those settings from the administrator.

Power Users run eXpress Net in a way that they have control over every aspect of the emulator. There are NO settings that are carried over from the administrator because the user has FULL privileges to configure how they want.

If you want to control ALL aspects of your installations, I would suggest making users "Restricted" so you can set options such as the 'Auto Open Session'. If you want your users to decide options like that on their own, then you can make them "Limited". You might want to make yourself a 'Power' user.



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