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Configuring Your Keyboard and Attaching to a Screen with eXpress

Sometimes it is convenient to change certain eXpress keyboard settings to be more compatible with the way you use other software. For instance, UTS users might want to switch the default Cursor-to-Home and Cursor-to-Start-Line to behave more like Windows. It might also be beneficial to link this change to a particular screen but not others. To begin the switch, click the Configure button on the eXpress Control Panel and click the desired screen tab (e.g., Screen 4). Next, select the Appearance and Keyboard tab and click the Custom Keyboard button.

Click the New Keyboard button and give it a name. You will be asked to verify if this is to be a copy.

In the Key Actions list box, scroll down until you see the desired Key Function. In this instance, we are looking for CURSOR TO HOME and CURSOR TO START LINE.

Since we are making a switch, we must first "undefine" one of the two keys. Select CURSOR TO HOME with the mouse and click the Undefine Key button. Next, select CURSOR TO START LINE and click the Type a Key Sequence button. Press the Home key when you see the "Please press the desired key sequence now" message box. Click the Yes button at the next prompt followed by the Redefine button.

Complete the switch by selecting CURSOR TO HOME, click the Type a Key Sequence button, press Ctrl+Home, Yes and OK.

Finally, select the new keyboard name from the Select Custom Keyboard Layout drop-down list box. You're done. The keys are switched and assigned to the screen. OK out of the configuration process and check you key switch out.



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